The Crew

IB Yoga’s focus on mindful movement is intended to help you live life in a happier body. Our instructors and staff are friendly, welcoming and knowledgable. Get to know us along our journey towards sustainability and an awesome quality of life. IB Yoga’s founders were born and raised in the South Bay. Victor and Jaimy have witnessed positive changes, growth, and beautification in Imperial Beach and are grateful to be part of the cityʼs progression.

Victor Tapia

Instructor, Founder

Victor is enthusiastic to offer his gifts and unique insight on pursuing wellness through yoga, music, and deepening our sense of spiritual awareness. His solid skills are rooted in the martial arts and breath work he practiced growing up. Victor found yoga at the Chula Vista Yoga Center in 2002 and integrated it into his life through teacher training in 2010. His teaching experience includes working with mixed martial artists, surfers, and students of various levels at gyms, dance studios, and CVYC. Victor’s passion connects people to their own joyful potential.

Jaimy Wilkinson

Instructor, Founder

Jaimy is energetic and urges students to listen to their bodies while challenging the flexibility of their minds. Her ability to create a stimulating and comfortable learning environment for students is deep rooted in her athletic background. She sees her yoga practice as an essential part of living and encourages everyone to open up to the possibility of change to find deeper connections. Chula Vista Yoga Center’s unique teacher training allowed Jaimy to open new doors and enjoy all that life has to offer. She gives much love and appreciation to her CVYC teachers.

Maria Cannistra


A resident of San Diego for the past 22 years, Maria comes from a sports background of running, biking, swimming and outrigger canoe racing. Her dedication and passion for yoga took shape when she started her practice at “The Yoga Hut” in 2004. Her teacher, Rebecca Kovacs, was her inspiration and thus began her journey for the love of the practice. She received her certification from the Dharma Yoga Center in New York City where she was blessed to receive the traditional teachings of Dharma Mittra Yoga/Vinyasa Flow, from the very humble, Master Sri Dharma Mittra, the sustainer of grace. Maria’s enthusiastic approach and her love of yoga shines as she encourages her students to make the practice playful and challenging. Maria believes every person has the ability to create a higher consciousness of the body, mind, and spirit; bringing compassion and love to the practice.

IMG_1509Danny Mendoza


Danny first came to Yoga as a form of exercise and weight loss. Having been unhealthy and unfit throughout his life, he searched various routes until finally finding the Chula Vista Yoga Center. His first class was unlike anything he had experienced and he knew this was special. He began a daily practice and felt the continual results of growth in body, mind, and spirit. 2 years later he completed a teacher training program in order too share this new found love. He continues to learn and grow on and off the mat each day. Danny integrates his strongly religious upbringing and musical background into his teaching in hopes to connect us all to with the Divine. He gives endless gratitude to God, family, friends, teachers and the South Bay Community.

photoLou Ann Shannon

Instructor, Registered Dietitian, Studio Momma

Lulu is a wonderful resource for anyone interested in living a healthy lifestyle. When not practicing yoga or counseling new mothers, she surfs, rides her bike, and simply loves life. Ask us for information on nutrition counseling from this lovely lady.  Lulu is a light and is always ready for a chat!

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